Basic Turbo Upgrades for 1.9 & 2.0 TDI (PD)

Based on the 1st Generation (GT) Garret range, basic turbos are simple to fit for a mild power increase

Just show me the turbos! 👇


  • 👍 Easy fitting: 100% plug and play in most cases. Stock downpipe and exhaust connection. The GT1752/56 uses stock boost pipe connections too
  • 👍 Low RPM torque: Small frame for quick spool
  • 👍 Inexpensive: Cheaper than later GTB and GTD technology


  • 👎 Efficiency: Old GT VNT technology is less efficient than newer GTB and GTD (more heat and exhaust pressure)
  • 👎 Reliability: Hybrid turbos are less reliable and harder to tune than unmodified equivalents (such as GTB1756VK)
  • 👎 Performance: On larger basic turbos, such as the GT1756V and GT1856V the spool and transient response isn't as good as later generation, such as the GTB1756VK and GTD1756VRK. 


Models Estimated BHP Price
🥉GT1752V 210 bhp £499 inc VAT
🥈GT1756V 220 bhp £549 inc VAT
🥇GT1856V 250 bhp £699 inc VAT