Turbo - Basic

Based on the 1st Generation (GT) Garret range, basic turbos are simple to fit for a mild power increase


  • Easy fitting: 100% plug and play in most cases, stock downpipe and exhaust connection and on smaller basic turbos stock boost pipe connections too
  • Low RPM torque: Small frame for quick spool
  • Inexpensive: Cheaper than later GTB and GTD technology


  • Efficiency: Old GT VNT technology is less efficient than newer GTB and GTD (more heat and exhaust pressure)
  • Reliability: Hybrid turbos are less reliable and harder to tune than unmodified equivalents (such as GTB1756VK)
  • Performance: On larger basic turbos, such as the GT1756V and GT1856V the spool and transient response isn't as good as later generation, such as the GTB1756VK and GTD1756VRK. 


Models Estimated BHP Price
GT1752V 210 bhp £499 inc VAT
GT1756V 220 bhp £549 inc VAT
GT1856V 250 bhp £699 inc VAT