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PD Injectors with Firad Nozzels 50% / 80% / 100% / 120% / 160% - 1.9 & 2.0 8v TDI PD

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Full set of Bosch PD Injectors fitted with high flow Firad nozzles, fully calibrated to run properly and without excessive smoke with no imbalance on idle. There is a choice of nozzle size:

Firad +50% 260 BHP
Firad +80% 300 BHP
Firad +100% 315 BHP
Firad +120% 330 BHP
Firad +160% 350+ BHP


You can also have brand new Genuine Bosch seals and washers fitted by us, we recommend this as a special tool is required to perfectly install the seals without twisting or snagging, we have access to good pricing on the seals and fit them for free as part of this product.

These injectors are supplied on an exchange basis, you have the choice to either provide your injectors to be upgraded or pay a surcharge of £200. This is refundable if you return a working set of injectors within 30 days. The injectors will be tested prior to refunding, if they fail we will return them to you.

Please note these are custom-made to order depending on nozzle and engine type and take 1-2 weeks to turn around