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Valeo Single Mass Flywheel Conversion (SMF) and Clutch Kit for 02M 1.9 TDI 6 Speed

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1.9 TDI 6 Speed Single Mass Flywheel (SMF) and Clutch Kit (02M) - Valeo

Replacement Single Mass Flywheel, Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate kit for 1.9 TDI engines with a 6 speed 02M gearbox.

This kit is a conversion from Dual Mass to Single Mass Flywheel for those who feel the DMF is not durable enough. In terms of performance this kit is comparable to a brand new OEM Sachs clutch as fitted to these cars as standard.

We estimate this clutch to hold around 350ftlbs from experience however this estimate should be taken with little regard and you should always over-spec your clutch to increase it's lifetime. It's also very dependent on how smooth the torque onset is on your particular vehical/setup/remap.