Firad High Flow Nozzles for PD Injectors - 1.9 & 2.0 8v PD TDI

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Genuine Firad high flowing injector nozzles from Italy designed to fit VAG 1.9 & 2.0 8v PD engines. 

Cost is for a set of 4. For other quantities, please contact us.

When to fit

Larger injector nozzles are required when targeting beyond 230 BHP. The range of Firad nozzles allows for 260-350+ BHP depending on the nozzle size selected.

Which to choose

Depending on your power goal there are several nozzle sizes to choose from. As a guide we’ve listed which turbos are suitable too.

Nozzle Safe Power Level Suitable Turbo
Firad +50% 260 BHP GTB2056VK
Firad +80% 300 BHP GTB2060VK 
Firad +100% 315 BHP GTB2260VK 
Firad +120% 330 BHP GTB2566VK 
Firad +160% 350 BHP+ GTB2566VK 



This is not a DIY job, these nozzles must be fitted by a professional and calibrated with accurate equipment. We offer these nozzles pre-fitted to injectors which are then digitally calibrated on an exchange basis:


Audi A3 ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Audi A4 AVB (PD100) AJM / ATJ / BKE (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)
Audi A6 AJM (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)



Seat Alhambra ANU (PD90) AUY / BVK (PD115) ASZ (PD130) BRT (PD140) BTB (PD150)
Seat Altea BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
Seat Cordoba ATD (PD100) ASZ (PD130)
Seat Ibiza  BXJ (PD90) ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130) BPX / BUK (PD160)
Seat Leon BXF (PD90) AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)
Seat Toledo AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BJB / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)



Skoda Fabia ATD / AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130)
Skoda Octavia ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Skoda Roomster AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105)
Skoda Superb AVB (PD100) BSV / BXE / BLS (PD105) AWX / AVF (PD130) BMP (PD140)



VW Beetle ATD (PD100) BSW (PD105)
VW Bora ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Caddy BSU (PD75) BLS / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Eos BMM (PD140)
VW Golf Mk4 ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Golf Mk5 BRU / BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Jetta BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Passat AVB (PD100) BKC / BXE / BLS (PD105)  AJM / ATJ (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130) BGW / BHW (PD136) BMP (PD140)
VW Polo ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) ASZ / BLT (PD130)