GTD1756VRK Hybrid Turbo on Cast Manifold - 1.9 & 2.0 8v TDI

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GTD1756VRK turbo with vacuum actuator and welded to a cast manifold suitable for all PD 1.9 & 2.0 8v TDI engines.

This unit is based on the GTD1752VRK fitted to the 2.0 BMW B47D20 engine and is far superior to any hybrid GT or GTB turbo on the market in terms of reliability, spool and efficiency.

Garrett GTD turbos runs the latest 5th Generation VNT technology and with ceramic ball bearing offers the absolute ultimate in spool time which is comparable to a stock PD150 turbo!

V-Band connections throughout makes fitting and removing the turbo extremely easy and results in a better seal, no fear of turbo to manifold bolts snapping or coming lose.

  • Latest 5th generation VNT
  • Genuine Garrett Ceramic ball bearings
  • Billet compressor wheel
  • V-band fitting
  • Higher AFR at low RPM - less smoke and quicker pull away
  • Lower manifold pressure at high RPM
  • Oil cooled (no water cooling required)


MFS Gen I Compressor
Boost pressure: 31 PSI
Power target: ~230bhp 

MFS Gen II Compressor
Boost pressure: 32 PSI 
Power target: ~240bhp 

Recommended Supporting Mods

This turbo is suitable with stock injectors and will see them run to their safe limit of ~230bhp, however larger injectors are recommended for extended power usage such as running laps on a racecourse to keep temperatures healthy. Firad 80% would suite this turbo perfectly.

4 bar MAP sensor will be required to allow the ECU to monitor higher boost levels. The stock MAP sensor for a PD130 is 3 bar absolute (2 bar boost). 

An intercooler upgrade is advised - stock intercoolers have plastic end tanks which are prone to leak. They also heat soak extremely quickly beyond stock power levels.

Upgrading/de-restricting the exhaust helps reduce engine back pressure and promote better airflow. For example, larger diameter exhaust, and catalytic converter removal (for off road use) will improve turbo spool and prevent high back pressure occurring from the additional exhaust produced. 

PD150 head bolts are advised to prevent head lift occurring from the higher boost levels this turbo will produce.


Please note these are custom built to order and take around 1 week to turnaround.

The standard setup is for a Skoda Fabia/SEAT Ibiza/VW Polo ASZ or BLT 1.9 TDI engine. If your car and/or engine code is different, please get in touch when ordering to let us know.