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Genuine VW 1.9/2.0 TDI Injector Wiring Loom (8V PD) [038971600]

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Genuine VW Injector Loom/Harness for 1.9 / 2.0 8V PD TDI

Brand new injector wiring loom for 1.9 and 2.0 TDI PD engines, commonly replaced to resolve a number of injector related issues resulting in misfiring/no start. Also worth replacing with a new set of injectors.

An OBD-II scan showing fault codes which suggest issues with injector wiring, such as open circuit, will help with diagnosis confirm the loom to be at fault, if you're unsure.

OEM Part Number: 038 971 600 / 038971600

Genuine VAG 

Changing the TDI Wiring Loom

Changing the loom is relatively simple, a suggestion would be to replace the rocker cover gasket at the same time as they often leak once disturbed.


These are suitable on both stock and tuned TDIs and fit the following engine codes: 


Audi A3 ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Audi A4 AVB (PD100) AJM / ATJ / BKE (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)
Audi A6 AJM (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)



Seat Alhambra ANU (PD90) AUY / BVK (PD115) ASZ (PD130) BRT (PD140) BTB (PD150)
Seat Altea BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
Seat Cordoba ATD (PD100) ASZ (PD130)
Seat Ibiza  BXJ (PD90) ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130) BPX / BUK (PD160)
Seat Leon BXF (PD90) AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)
Seat Toledo AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BJB / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)



Skoda Fabia ATD / AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130)
Skoda Octavia ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Skoda Roomster AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105)
Skoda Superb AVB (PD100) BSV / BXE / BLS (PD105) AWX / AVF (PD130) BMP (PD140)



VW Beetle ATD (PD100) BSW (PD105)
VW Bora ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Caddy BSU (PD75) BLS / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Eos BMM (PD140)
VW Golf Mk4 ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Golf Mk5 BRU / BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Jetta BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Passat AVB (PD100) BKC / BXE / BLS (PD105)  AJM / ATJ (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130) BGW / BHW (PD136) BMP (PD140)
VW Polo ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) ASZ / BLT (PD130)