GTB2060VKLR Ball Bearing Turbo on Cast Manifold - 1.9 & 2.0 TDI

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Stock GTB2060VKLR turbo with vacuum actuator and welded to a cast manifold suitable for all PD 1.9 & 2.0 TDI engines.

This is an OEM unit as fitted to Mercedes 3.2 engines and is far superior to any hybrid on the market in terms of reliability, spool and performance.

GTB turbos runs the later 3rd Generation VNT technology with vastly increased spool and reduced EMP compared to the earlier 1st Gen GT1756 style hybrid turbos. The ball bearing improves spool even further.

We supply the GTB2060VKLR with water lines included. This is not required due to the included ceramic ball bearings, however water-cooling improves mechanical durability and lengthens the turbocharger’s life.

  • 3rd Generation VNT
  • Genuine Garrett ceramic ball bearings
  • Oil and water cooling
  • VNT accurately set from factory
  • Downpipe flange included in kit


Maximum safe boost: 2.3 bar/34psi
Power target: ~280bhp 

Recommended Supporting Mods

Head bolts

PD150 head bolts with 12.9 tensile must be fitted to prevent the head from lifting at high boost

4 Bar MAP (Boost Pressure) Sensor

You will need a 4 Bar MAP sensor to run this turbo to its full potential. A MAP sensor rated to 4 bar will read 3 bar boost (which is 4 bar absolute pressure!)

You always want headroom when it comes to the sensor so the ECU can see over-boost and correct it should it occur!

4 Bar MAP sensors are available here:


Stock injectors do not flow enough fuel to make the most of what this turbo can offer.

You will want to upgrade to Firad 80% for 300bhp and Firad 100% for anything over. You can purchase injectors with nozzles fitted on exchange basis here:


You'll need a good FMIC (Front-Mount Intercooler) without plastic end tanks like many stock intercoolers have making them prone to leaks at higher boost levels. Most side-mount stock intercoolers also heat soak extremely quickly which will limit power significantly.

For the Fabia, Ibiza and Polo platforms the following Airtec intercooler is highly recommended:


A camshaft upgrade should be considered to get you from ~270bhp to 300bhp without requiring excessive boost and heat. We highly recommend the Veicomer 272 degree / 9.8mm camshaft. Available individually or as part of a kit:


When fully tuned with big injectors, a Sachs SRE Performance clutch is the only way to be sure the power reaches the road without slippage or removing the box again later due to a failure. These clutch kits are incredibly reliable and with the sintered paddle will hold almost anything you can throw at it. 


Upgrading/de-restricting the exhaust helps reduce engine back pressure and promote better airflow. Minimum 2.5" recommended here


High quality turbochargers at good prices takes time to perfect. These are professionally custom built to order and take 5-10 working days for production, balancing, testing and shipping. This can take longer during busy periods. Please get in touch before ordering if your requirement is urgent.