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OEM VW Head Gasket - 1.9 & 2.0 8v TDI PD - (038103383D)

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OEM VW Head Gasket - 1.9 & 2.0 8v PD TDI

Replacement OEM VW MLS Head Gasket. There are three different thicknesses, which depends on the amount the pistons protrude from the head. Unless the block has had rebuild work, you should replace the head gasket with the same type as removed from your engine. These are identified by the number of holes on the gasket tab, visible from the outside of the engine. See the table for further information.

Gasket thickness

Do not use a thicker head gasket to reduce compression ratio in high boost applications. This will move the injector nozzles away from the block and result in fuel being sprayed outside of the combustion bowl and onto the bowl edges/piston face. 

If you are unsure which thickness you need, piston projection must be measured with a dial gauge. Then select a gasket based on the following projection amounts.

Identification Piston projection amount OEM Part Number
1 hole 0.91 mm ... 1.00 mm 038103383DE
2 hole 1.01 mm ... 1.10 mm 038103383DF
3 hole 1.11 mm ... 1.20 mm 038103383DG

Changing head gasket

Ensure the head gasket is kept within its packaging until the moment you fit it as the seal coating is very delicate and easily scratched.


These are suitable on both stock and tuned TDIs and fit the following engine codes:


Audi A3 ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Audi A4 AVB (PD100) AJM / ATJ / BKE (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)
Audi A6 AJM (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)



Seat Alhambra ANU (PD90) AUY / BVK (PD115) ASZ (PD130) BRT (PD140) BTB (PD150)
Seat Altea BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
Seat Cordoba ATD (PD100) ASZ (PD130)
Seat Ibiza  BXJ (PD90) ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130) BPX / BUK (PD160)
Seat Leon BXF (PD90) AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)
Seat Toledo AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BJB / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)



Skoda Fabia ATD / AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130)
Skoda Octavia ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Skoda Roomster AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105)
Skoda Superb AVB (PD100) BSV / BXE / BLS (PD105) AWX / AVF (PD130) BMP (PD140)



VW Beetle ATD (PD100) BSW (PD105)
VW Bora ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Caddy BSU (PD75) BLS / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Eos BMM (PD140)
VW Golf Mk4 ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Golf Mk5 BRU / BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Jetta BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Passat AVB (PD100) BKC / BXE / BLS (PD105)  AJM / ATJ (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130) BGW / BHW (PD136) BMP (PD140)
VW Polo ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) ASZ / BLT (PD130)