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PD150 Head Bolts (ARL) for 1.9 & 2.0 TDI 8V PD

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  • Run higher boost without head lift
  • OEM bolts from PD150 engine
  • 12.9 tensile (160,000psi) 


Full set (10) OEM PD150 head bolts for 1.9 & 2.0 8v TDI engines. These are an upgrade to the original PD100/PD130 head bolts and provide more hold to prevent head lift on upgraded setups running higher boost.

Even PD130 stock engines have been known to lift heads, however this usually signifies another issue is present (such as over-boost).

These are suitable for all 1.9 & 2.0 8v TDI engines

These bolts must be renewed when the head is re-fitted. It's possible to fit the bolts without head removal by doing 1 bolt at a time


These are suitable on both stock and tuned TDIs and fit the following engine codes: 


Audi A3 ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Audi A4 AVB (PD100) AJM / ATJ / BKE (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)
Audi A6 AJM (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130)



Seat Alhambra ANU (PD90) AUY / BVK (PD115) ASZ (PD130) BRT (PD140) BTB (PD150)
Seat Altea BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
Seat Cordoba ATD (PD100) ASZ (PD130)
Seat Ibiza  BXJ (PD90) ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130) BPX / BUK (PD160)
Seat Leon BXF (PD90) AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)
Seat Toledo AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BJB / BXE (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140) ARL (PD150)



Skoda Fabia ATD / AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105) ASZ / BLT (PD130)
Skoda Octavia ATD / AXR (PD100) BKC / BLS / BXE / BJB (PD105) ASZ (PD130) BMM (PD140)
Skoda Roomster AXR (PD100) BSW / BLS (PD105)
Skoda Superb AVB (PD100) BSV / BXE / BLS (PD105) AWX / AVF (PD130) BMP (PD140)



VW Beetle ATD (PD100) BSW (PD105)
VW Bora ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Caddy BSU (PD75) BLS / BJB (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Eos BMM (PD140)
VW Golf Mk4 ATD / AXR (PD100) AUY / AJM (PD115) ASZ (PD130) ARL (PD150)
VW Golf Mk5 BRU / BXF (PD90) BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Jetta BKC / BLS / BXE (PD105) BMM (PD140)
VW Passat AVB (PD100) BKC / BXE / BLS (PD105)  AJM / ATJ (PD115) AVF / AWX (PD130) BGW / BHW (PD136) BMP (PD140)
VW Polo ATD / AXR / BMT (PD100) ASZ / BLT (PD130)